Creating a Positive Outlook

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Intuitive Counselling for Those in Need

Book a Hypnotherapy Session with an Expert Who Cares for  £45.00 for a 90 Minute Session


Put your addictions behind you with the help of an expert. Get in touch with Simon today to discuss how your addiction is affecting your life.

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Learn to build more positive relationships by taking advantage of an experienced relationship advisor. Contact Simon today for more details.

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Workshops and Talks

Discover the range of workshops and talks that Simon has to offer and see how you can make your everyday life a more productive experience.

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Get in touch with Simon to discover his life coach and intuitive counselling solutions.


Through S88 Life, Simon Hartley offers specialist intuitive counselling, helping clients to overcome issues such as addiction and relationship breakdown. Utilising more than 20 years of experience, Simon draws on hypnosis and a range of other options to produce positive results, ensuring that his clients are on the path to a better life. Contact him today to enquire about his life coach-like services.